January 21, 2016


Laser Force V3

A strategy game where you use abilities to overpower your opponent’s lasers before they overpower yours.
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Multiplayer Sudoku

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-Puzzle Generator: Isn’t a finite number of puzzles for you to play. Endless puzzles for you to enjoy.
-Solo Play: Automatically saved single player experiences.
-Multiplayer: Play with or against your friends via a local, wireless network connection.
-Cross-platform (Cross-Operating System): End the Android vs iOS feud when you can play with each other.

The upgraded version can be purchased to remove ads permanently.


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Prepare to entertained and compete against your friends while improving your dexterity on mobile devices. Bubblexity’s aim is to pop the designated, green bubble in record time.

Zen Mode allows users to progress to 50 bubbles on screen, and Speed Mode tests users’ accuracy and hand-eye coordination by popping bubbles against the clock!

Whether you’re young, old, or in-between, everyone can gain from some practice using mobile devices, and this offers just that in an gaming environment.
How well will you do?

The upgraded version can be purchased to remove ads permanently.

Coming Soon…

  • ? (PC & Console Game)
  • Endless Shooter (Mobile App)
  • Puzzle Room (Virtual Reality)
  • Space RPG (Mobile App)